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Music Lovers

I have to rec THIS SITE to all music lovers.

It's the best internet radio out there. You just listen and adjust it to your tastes (by playing with the "guide us" feature). Eventually it just figures you out and only plays music you'll like. It doesn't even take that long to learn about you :D

I love it :) It's intro'd me to a lot of GREAT music and always gives me some of my favorites.
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MEME... please? lol

Congratulations! You've somehow been transported into a bizarro world where you can not only chose who you will love, but who will love you!

If you had your choice of any celebrity or ficitional character (living or dead) who would you choose to be the following:

1. Who is your best friend?
2. Who is your mother?
3. Who is your father?
4. Who is your older sibling? Younger sibling?
5. Who is your prom date?
6. Who do you have a no-strings-attached one-night stand with?
7. Who do you date for a year or two?
8. Who do you marry?
9. Who is your boss?
10. Who is your next door neighbor?

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mime of quidditch gonna get choo

I had a weird dream last night...

 I was in the movie theater with my family and I had a sword, cause I'm a fencer, lol, but I had a sabre, which I don't fence. I guess I was messing with it during the movie. You know, poking people in front of me and my sister. So my sister got this HUGE hatchet and was like, messing with it too.  so, of course, I told on her to my dad and said "DADDY! A hatchet is WAY worse than a sword cause look! My sword isn't even real." and it wasn't and my dad agreed with me and made my sister put the hatchet away.

The movie ended and I was one of the last people out. The room we walked into was under construction and a bunch of people that work on different websites were there. There was this myspace guy that asked for my phone number but asked me to send it on myspace, so I did. I forgot my sword in the room, so I ran back in the room and Tom from myspace had it! I told him to give it back, but he ran off with it and turned into Emerson from Mugglenet! So I chased him and he wouldn't give it back still, even though I BEGGED!
So I picked up his guitar ( I duno why I assumed it was his... but it was.) and was holding it over the edge of the stage (cause the room was a theater).and everyone looked at me like "Woah... not cool." and he gave me my sword back. So I came back for a date with Myspace dude, and we were in the theater, but we all got in our bathing suits and his friends were trying to convince me to take off my top, but I said no, so we went to the back stage and messed with stuff.
mime of quidditch gonna get choo

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[22:19] Man, Harry is a rebel with out a cause. GAY. GET OVER YOUR GAYNESS HARRY.: *snickers* posted total Pr0n
[22:19] Kelly: WOO!
[22:19] Kelly: pr0n is so hot
[22:19] Kelly: BUTTONEER IT!
[22:19] Man, Harry is a rebel with out a cause. GAY. GET OVER YOUR GAYNESS HARRY.: ...wtf!?
[22:19] Man, Harry is a rebel with out a cause. GAY. GET OVER YOUR GAYNESS HARRY.: dude it's SAD when -I- say that
[22:19] Kelly: LOL
[22:19] Man, Harry is a rebel with out a cause. GAY. GET OVER YOUR GAYNESS HARRY.: buttoneer? is that some kind of name for someone who's new to gay sexual activities? like a pioneer of the butt?
[22:19] Kelly: lmfao
[22:19] Kelly: no. it's this thingy that you use to repair buttons on your shirts
[22:19] Man, Harry is a rebel with out a cause. GAY. GET OVER YOUR GAYNESS HARRY.:...ohyeah
[22:19] Man, Harry is a rebel with out a cause. GAY. GET OVER YOUR GAYNESS HARRY.:I like mine better
V - Ideas are bullet proof

Happy Independence Day

Hi everyone! Is there a more perfect movie to watch on Independence Day than V for Vendetta? I just watched it for the first time since I saw it in the theatre. :D! I ♥ love ♥ it.

So, in honor of the movie AND Independence Day, here's the 1812 overture by Tchaikovsky

I hope you all have and have had a happy (and safe) Independence Day.

We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.


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Has anyone else seen that "Kyle XY" show? I missed the first one, but I just caught the second. I don't really do TV very much (cept the late night crap that rots your brain), but I think I could do mondays at 8. Nothing ever happens on mondays anyway. I'm not really sure what I think of it yet.
V - Ideas are bullet proof

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"Clothes make the man.
Naked people
 have little or no influence on society."

- Mark Twain

I ♥ Mark Twain, lol, really, I do! But Mark, meet the Porn industry. It's the only stable market out there *g*

I had to watch this like, twice for some reason O_o

Here's a video of my college (kinda... it's four seconds long and has dramatic music)

My Unfortunate Erection (aka Chip's Lament ) mp3 It's from 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

In other FANTABULOUS NEWS: I finally got V for Vendetta! Not so fab: No job yet D: