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The Mime of Qudditch

Agateophobiacs Beware

La Mime

 i'm in ravenclaw!

MUAH! randomstrangerkiss! Hurry and friend me before you get herpes!

Music: classic punk, rock, metal, classic, indie, celtic--
I like a bit of some random genre's but I don't think I like
 enough of them to really count? I'lljust call myself eclectic,
cause it's a coolish word.

Movies: About a Boy, Chicago, The HP movies (a given),
 I like watching the LoTRmovies when I'm stuck at home
(just cause it's something nice to loafaround with while
 I draw or write... or just loaf), Dead Poets Society,Eternal
Sunshine, I like a lot of movies really. Not a those teenmovies
 so much, or the ones that mock teen movies so much, lol,
 eventhough that's kinda funny cause you're all "haha... it's true".</span>
I've got a Love/Hate relationship with pretty much everything
17th century, 18th century, accents, alan rickman, ancient greece, anne rice, anthropology, archaeology, art, astrology, autumn leaves, beauty, black humour, blood, body modification, bondage, books, buggery, bursting out into song, captain pervy, castles, cedric likes hot baths, celts, chains, chocolate, cinema, cold weather, conspiracy, corsets, costuming, dancing, dark arts, death eaters, domination, down with love, drawing, durmstrang acrobatics, edgar allan poe, erotica, everything else, evilgrinsmirkyface, excitment, eyes, fanfiction, fencing, feral children, fetish, flamenco, frank sinatra, français, gothic cathedrals, hamlet, harry "caps lock" potter, harry potter, harry potter books, harry potter movies, helium, hidden agendas, homosexuality, hot chocolate, hp slash, incubus, irony, jason isaacs, jk rowling, kilts, kinky sex, kissing, left-handed, les miserables, lestrange, long hair, lord voldemort, lucius caning everybody, lucius malfoy, lucius-malfoy-and-his-pimp-cane, lust, magnificent bastards, mints, monty python, music, mythology, new orleans, open-mindedness, oscar wilde, painting my toenails, photography, piano, piercings, pirates, pirates in eyeliner, pirates of the caribbean, potc, pouring rain & thunderstorms, procrastination, psychology, punching like a girl, rain, ravenclaw, reading, reading fanfiction all summer, remus lupin, robert pattinson, robert-pattinson's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom, roleplaying, rping, rufus scrimgeour, russian novels, sarcasm, sensuality, severus snape, sexuality, shakespeare, silver, sirius black, slash, slashy goodness, slytherin quidditch boys, snakes, snape, sour candy, sushi, swashbuckling, swordsmanship, tattoos, tea, the baroque, the beatles, the cranberries, the forbidden forest, the killers, the lestranges, the penguin, the vampire lestat, theatre, things that scare me, tim burton, travel, unconventional beauty, v for vendetta, vampires, victorian clothing, villains, vintage art, violin, voldemort, voluntary poverty, waltzes